Oak of Peace; poetry

``Friedenseiche`` Oak of Peace
“Friedenseiche“ Oak of Peace


Many of us have fond memories of a previous homeland, a city, town or rural area we have spent years dwelling in, being inspired by its simple beauty, its landmarks which indelibly remain in our heart and soul as significant reminders of our days there whether recent or long ago. The grand expanse of the Oak tree is one of nature’s most beautiful elements and the illustrated ‘Friedenseiche’ meaning ‘Oak of Peace’ was the subject of a poem I wrote some time ago and dedicated to Alexandra von Hahn, then and currently a client for whom I am providing editing services for two of her book projects.

This large specimen is centered in the boulevard of one of the main streets in Alexandra’s former place of residence. It developed significance to the local residents, symbolic through its name and indicative of the beauty and peaceful serenity of Eichwalde.

This piece continues to be one of my most-read here on WordPress which tells me there continues to be a place in our hearts for our homeland, past and present, our place of rearing, young adulthood, lifelong residence or the beginning of a new journey, new challenges, greater inspirations…a place to spread our wings and fly.

Once again I bring you Oak of Peace.  Enjoy.



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