Authors, Writers, Poets, Professionals; Getting The Word Out


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What do authors, writers, poets and professionals all have in common? They all produce documents for their targeted audience and there is closely related parallels insofar as the need for next level content, conveyance, presentation and methods of reaching their audience.

From the initial conceptual landscape of documents through creation of the story to the journey of presentation, publication and promotions, marketing and sales processes the product or service delivery has to be exceptional in order to ensure reader engagement and consumer sustainability. Professional editing services are an integral element of that process and I’ll explore that side of document, article and book writing endeavours at a later date. 

On July 5th I wrote an article in my Editor’s Business Journal titled ‘Getting The Word Out which appears on my business website LastingImpressionsEditing addressing the complex issues given reference in my opening remarks here. This article is receiving a record level of reviews and the reader engagement is interesting to say the least. Everything we do in this regard now centers on our online presence and reach to a mass audience. The mechanics of reaching that audience is ever-evolving on the Internet, the dynamic metrics being vastly different than they were years ago, even one year ago. 

Within the article you will find links to two websites that I have been an ardent subscriber for years now. The learning process is constant and unyielding and indeed critical for anyone who needs to acquire an audience or generate sustainable and ever-increasing online traffic to their websites whether marketing ideas, books or other products and/or services.

Take your online endeavours to the next level. Learning and applying the methods that successful individuals and business entrepreneurs have engaged is part of the critical journey in order for you to reach your own goals. The elements from start to finish and everything in between are substantial and each step along the way cannot be ignored.

Find out more about positive steps along the road to realizing your own goals and dreams…it’s all about getting the word out!


2 thoughts on “Authors, Writers, Poets, Professionals; Getting The Word Out

  1. It’s a very important part of the writing process. Even as editors, we are blind to our own mistakes. And to get a different perspective on anything we’ve written is invaluable.


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