Pondering…..Life is a Pond!

I have had a deeply moving, inspired day and it has concluded with this special post from richly inspired Cindy Knoke! Enjoy…and please remember to share this with others!


2 thoughts on “Pondering…..Life is a Pond!

    1. Thank you Alexandra. Cindy Knoke was the originator of that lovely re-blogged post “Pondering…Life is a Pond”. For me her post brought a stream of thanksgiving for all that is good in life. Your reference to the wonderful meditation recitation by Burt Goldmann was greatly appreciated and brought back memories of my high school days in Ontario where I attended a Theatre Arts class, an elective program where a regular focus of that class was on meditation. To this day I can recall our wonderful teacher’s gentle voice reciting much the same and you could hear a pin drop in the room throughout. I recall having a wonderful sense of calm and, with closed eyes, a strong sense of visualization as we lay silent on a blanket on the floor, listening intently for her every, seemingly magical, word. And, too, that wonderful teacher, though I cannot recall her name, reminds me of the vibrant, inspirational spirit that you convey Alexandra.

      Goldmann’s words also reminded me of recurring dreams wherein I could fly to great heights and drift gently back to the ground safely. What an empowering sense I had from those dreams. I may well be flying once again through my dreams in this night! I have subscribed to The Daisy Pond video and will play it often and as I lay my head upon pillow at day’s end I will visualize the soft buoyant comfort of that giant daisy floating beneath me in the pond!

      Warmest regards,



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