Tears A Lonely Human Cries; inspirational quote

photo c/o www.digital-art-gallery.com
photo c/o http://www.digital-art-gallery.com

Though our words may fail us, heart conveys

Through mine eyes of understanding as

The pain and sorrow, vision struck

Would lessen gently once again

Tears a lonely human cries

Were never shed in vain

Love is but eternal

Comfort once again

© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserve


5 thoughts on “Tears A Lonely Human Cries; inspirational quote

    1. You’re most welcome Alexandra. As you know my focus for quite some time has been closely client services driven as well as the startup of my new business LastingImpressionsEditing and as such my writing endeavours on the creative site have been somewhat less frequent. Nonetheless, I strive for quality rather than quantity and these short words of inspiration seem to touch people in a profound way and I must write them more often. The visual format is quite nice as well. Thank you so much for your presence here and I truly hope my words give you comfort in this difficult time.


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