Passion In So Many Words; romantic poetry


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Our hearts would be the greatest defender

A language of lovers sung with passion

Amorous affections beyond desire

Infatuations intensely binding

Sentiments whispered

Ever so softly

Loving you

Love me

© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Passion In So Many Words; romantic poetry

  1. I love to indulge in good verses of unique written poetry and try to imagine the situation and create a relevant back drop for quality words and phrases, and be able to make people understand that poetry must used to educate people and their feelings in a strong and positive way

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    1. Thank you so much Alex for your visit and comment! Poetry is indeed a powerful medium and hopefully will enjoy a consistent increase in reader popularity. For a writer/poet like myself, seeing such wonderful feedback as your own here is key indicator that there is great value and purpose attached to this treasured form of the written word. Thank you so much for your presence and comment…very much appreciated.


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