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© Lasting Impressions Editing 2014

© Lasting Impressions Editing


The excitement of having just launched my new professional editing business in April, 2014 remains fresh and inspired as I move forward in readiness to build upon my existing client base!

Lasting Impressions Editing is now a reality with all the usual new business registrations with the municipality, province and federal Canada Revenue Agency’s taxation division and with all of that having now been addressed I can get on with the business at hand!

Amazingly, on Day 1 of the business launch I had an immediate (same day) request for a consultation on a author’s book project and three days later contact from an executive out of Chicago with an expression of interest about my services! Two book editing projects for an overseas client in Abu Dhabi are coming along very nicely as well so it would seem that early beginnings are productive!

The image above illustrates my business card (linked to my website) which I created through VistaPrint online. The site provides a host of product templates and I chose the illustrated graphic for its business centric visual appeal and I found it strongly representative of my global audience and client base (whether just around the corner or around the globe). I did the lettering finish work, tying it all together uniformly with my website colour tones and finished the look with a classic low-lustre matte finish in quality card stock.

What Do You Think? Leave Your Impressions!

I’d really love to know your thoughts on the business card and website…first impression (lasting?), visual appeal, attitude, professional presentation, content etc. Critique and any comments/suggestions you might have regarding the website and business card are invited, most welcome and greatly appreciated!

Looking For An Editor?

Need an editor? Have an important document, article or book project that needs critical finesse before submission/presentation? My contact information is provided on the visual shown above and on the website. You can also contact me through the Contact Form provided below. As a starting point send me a representative sample of your document (a page or two) preferably in Word document format, and I’ll promptly send you an edit model to show you what I can do. From there we can talk about where you want to go next…NO OBLIGATION for the sample copy edit!

Have a great weekend everyone and as always thank you so much for your support and engagement of my writing/editing endeavors!


Don MacIver, RPA, Owner, Editor, Writer

© Lasting Impressions Editing



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