Loss and Living Onward. . .To Press

Melissa Dalton-Bradford writes with of the loss of her beloved son with healing, sorrow and celebration. Life is given and taken away. Read this author’s words to know and understand the beauty and tragedy of her story. Heart-warming, a remarkable journey many of us can relate and empathize with.

On May 6th embrace the words of Melissa Dalton-Bradford…truly compelling and most reassuring.

Melissa Writes of Passage

I agree. The cover is elegant. Thank you, designer David Miles. I agree. The cover is elegant. Thank you, designer David Miles.

In one month my second book, On Loss and Living Onward: Collected Voices, will be in your hands. As I write these words, talented lay-out and cover designers David and Maggie are making last-second tweaks, and sending the manuscript off to press.

Let me admit something: This book has been pushing itself up and out of my very pores for nearly five years.  It’s been close to publication with two other publishing houses. And I’ve been teetering on that slick ledge of giving up on it, oh, 174 times. But I have a persistent (bossy and endearing) cheering committee, and they wouldn’t let me hunker down in the safe retreat of silence.  Finally, this book has found its rightful channel to reach the public.

I am grateful. I am joyful. I am tired.  I am anxious.

Anxious and slightly exhausted smile. . . Anxious and exhausted smile. . .

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