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Lulu.com publication 2004
Lulu.com publication 2004
A Lulu.com publication. See it on Amazon
A Lulu.com publication. See it on Amazon
A Lulu.com publication. See it on Barnes & Noble
A Lulu.com publication. See it on Barnes & Noble



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When I first began this journey in writing it was back in early 2001. It was a time of  tremendous emotional transition, a heightened sense that I needed not only to find an outlet for the release of stress, anxiety and all other emotions that brought about a wonderful sense of inner peace or conversely detracted from that peace.

We all want that sense of inner peace, presumably so. Most of us aspire to achieve and sustain happiness, success, a balance in life between our personal existence and a co-existence in the turbulent, hugely demanding workplace…and a distinct delineation and indeed separation between the two.  A relative few of us are independently wealthy in our journey, especially through childhood, teenage and adult years and if we are fortunate by the time we reach our retirement years we can leave the workplace behind and live out the remainder of our life in relative relaxation, extended travel perhaps, that highly desirable life of leisure we could only dream of and lived in partiality on our so-called ‘weekends’.

And so it was in 2001 that after a very distressing and life-altering estrangement from my first wife culminating in separation and eventual divorce four years later, in the midst having two wonderful children who to this day I haven’t got a firm grasp of how they were affected or disaffected by the trauma of parental estrangement. The boys were very young at the time of the initial separation which was somewhat evident in the reaction to the news that daddy was leaving home. We maintained a regular ‘visitation’ through joint custody (I hate those miserable words) wherein the boys would spend weekends with me and oftentimes in between.

So there I was in the 1990’s, a time of tremendous challenge in my profession and personal life. My business hours were consistently horrendous and kept me away from home dawn to late evening with a hugely demanding workload and several evening meetings with client representatives. I would crawl in most evenings to a very quiet home as my family were usually tucked in for the night and sound asleep. On occasion I was lucky enough to close out the business day earlier than usual, a rare exception, and I would have a short time with family before I got onto the home computer to pound out correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, annual budgets etc etc. All of these business documents had to be completed and distributed to the clients with immediate urgency…an industry standard afforded the clients through contracts that included the unwritten devotion of industry professionals’ complete and devout attentions nearly every waking hour of their existence, many of those hours which should have been spent sleeping and/or with family, loved ones.

This is beginning to sound like a soap opera and I will digress. My love for writing had its early seedlings planted in my secondary years I suppose and began to blossom through college with the demands of more and more frequent and lengthy writing assignments in conjunction with my studies. Early on I had aspired to complete journalism school but that vocation was just not meant to be evidently. Through disinterest I did not complete the program and it would not be until years later in my professional life that my career aspirations became clearer and I combined an extensive four year program for a professional designation in real estate management/administration (RPA) with a grueling professional life. As if life didn’t have enough challenges and great stresses I went through the typical post-secondary gruel of studies, self-testing and formal examination on top of my eighty-hour work week. That four years was and remains a total blur to my conscious waking thought…and conscience.

Though I finally found a deep inner sense of self-worth and achievement in acquiring the professional accreditation and began to reap the ‘rewards’ of that qualification there remained a sense of something missing in my life. A deeply divisive barrier began to develop between my first wife and I, much of it due to the demands of my profession which kept me away from house and home to the detriment of our relationship. I grew increasingly stressed and fatigued and ultimately more and more disassociated from those personal things that mattered the most and a sense of desperate dislocation and loss, a divisive rift and resentment of sorts that bore in so deep within both our heart and souls that drove a permanent wedge between us. I felt horribly lost in my personal life and as mature and professional an individual as I might have been I could not seem to re-channel my energies to finding resolve between us and apparently the feeling was mutual. I loved my children deeply and Heaven knows I made mistakes along the way yet I still could not find a way back to the happiness I lived out and lived for in my family life and that had no bearing or relation to the children whatsoever.

After four years of the loneliness of separation and divorce, the pain and hardship of separation from my sons and the huge financial strain of child support and living a horribly meager existence in a place of my own, I met and within six months married my current wife of thirteen years…we worked together at the same property management firm of all things. Already playing with fire in such a workplace relationship (after having both been previously divorced) we worked through the ups and downs of my profession, and our personal life together, and somehow live happily together in this day. I expect that in great part my focus has shifted in more recent years.

It was in the meeting of Andrea in 2001 that our relationship and also the illness and eventual loss of my mother in late 2003 that really became the catalysts for my desire to write. And so it was I ventured to spend a good sum of my personal time with this developing passion in writing, primarily creative with the composition of poetry but also short stories, topical articles and more through an assortment of personal web and blog sites and various internet sites that I became a contributing writer/moderator for over the years.

At the end of 2012 I retired from a thirty year career in real property administration and am currently pursuing my writing endeavors full time which now incorporates a large element of proofreading and editing. Just a few weeks ago I launched my own writing/editing business as sole proprietor of Lasting Impressions Editing, an exciting new challenge and extension of my writing endeavors! At long last I can focus my undivided attention to my passion for writing not only on a deeply personal level but now in a professional capacity as well! My life has been tremendously enriched through my writing experiences and relationships built along the way with fellow authors and reading audience/subscribers too.

As mentioned here my early days of creative writing, primarily poetry, developed through my relationship with Andrea, my wife whom I wet in 2001. Andrea has been a tremendous inspiration in so many ways, not strictly in the emotional, loving and friendship sense but also in how I look at the world around me…people, places, things. When you’re happy you see the entire world and your own existence in a completely different light. As a poet one’s sense of perception heightens dramatically to the point where virtually everything that comes across our path, within our focal points of vision, everything we hear, see, touch, smell and have any cognitive sense of being becomes an inspiration and catalyst for writing. The muse will follow wherever I go, whatever I am doing. I can look at a listless, drooping and dying stand of weeds rooted to soil and readily find the words to write poetry, write anything. Not exactly is that pathetic drooping weed attractive or inspiring yet there it is…another image that strikes an accord with the muse. The source of such energy is boundless, the resources to inspire seemingly without end or restriction.

We all experience life in so many different ways. We all are individual as well as a part of a great collective of living human beings and drifting souls that cohabit this great earth, its land, its waters, its mountains, its valleys, indeed its airspace and cyberspace and the heavens above, perhaps even the ‘hell below’! Do you ever experience love, anger, loneliness, happiness, joy, hostility, excitement? Of course you do. Do you read those things of which you draw positive distraction and inspiration? Do you write about those experiences and share them with others?

My passion for writing poetry has culminated in the writing and publication of three original works of my muse. They are illustrated here. Click on each book image above to see more about the publications, read sample content and by all means buy if you wish! A fourth volume is a work in progress which I hope to release in the fall of this year. 

Journeys In Verse’ 

‘A Touch of Rose’, my second publication of original verse was dedicated to my loving wife Andrea and is very much about love and relationships, nature and the environment and more. It was also richly inspired by the illness and eventual death of my beloved mother in 2003 and for many reasons I have a sense that I favour this publication for its deep, emotionally driven content.

‘Transitions; Poetry of Love, Life & Being’, my most recent publication of poetry and prose is a treasured collection of original works of so many of those things which inspire in my life but continues to bear a strong and impressionable influence from the romantic side and our extraordinary natural surroundings and their preservation. I am a conservationist at heart and implore all readers to embrace and protect this precious, delicate ecosystem that we all coexist in on this remarkable planet Earth. It is so precious and at the same time precarious in its health and sustainability including the air we breath and the water we drink…we need to take care of our environment, our earth and much better and with much greater conscience than we have been for decades…our very lives and existence now and in the future depends on it.



Out of this story line I have just shared and my book publications, I encourage each reader to share their own thoughts in comment here. Please spend some time browsing throughout my original writings on this site either through a casual scroll from the home page or finding your favourite reading category through the archive links provided. If and when you find a piece of particular interest and inspiration or one which has moved you in a significant way please SHARE the piece with others here on WordPress or elsewhere.

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“Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares” are a critical part of not only supporting this author but also creative and literary arts as well. Sharing posts of interests with loved ones, friends, relatives, workmates and beyond is a gift in the giving and tells not only myself but others that you care, that you want them to share in the same experience you had during your time here.

Thank you for your ongoing support, friendship and presence at this, my place of transition and conveyance.


© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved


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