Crimson Rose; romantic poetry



Remembering the day you and I gave

Each other a promise everlasting

To have and to hold from that day forward

Sealed with a kiss, betrothal unfolded

New beginnings never nor shall mean more

Our hands holding tightly as though but one

Quivering energies, words in whisper

Acknowledging one another, loving

Your heart as the delicate crimson rose

My affection of warmth and abiding

A gentle engagement of lifelong dreams

Promises bound for all tomorrows

And as we awake each morning after

An emulate sun would rise in splendor

In fondness I glance, your smile so tender

Upon lips of crimson, sweet surrender

© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved

photo credit: . SantiMB . via photopin cc


3 thoughts on “Crimson Rose; romantic poetry

    1. Thank you Scott! I was in one of the deeply reflective moods last night, thinking of Andrea and our times together, our wedding day like it was yesterday…how the time passes by. I spoke to my oldest son on the telephone yesterday. He is thirty now and I swear I can remember every millisecond of his birth. There are many things that escape memory these days but these things will forever linger.


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