In The Fragrance of You And Me; romantic poetry

The Fragrance of You
The Fragrance of You


For Andrea…


Remembering words we shared long ago

And often ever after promising

In whispered tones only you and I could

Hear as heart sounds, every moment’s passage

A quiet endearment as time stood still

Alluring sensations as droplets fall

As tears of the wanton and pleasure’s dew

Glisten ever gently, fragrance of you


Our fingertips touch in serenities

Of nights in their dawning languish linger

Eyes meeting, prolonged in silent tender

A stretch in the purest of contentment

This fragrance forever but mine to hold

And ours in the sharing resplendently

Cherished beauty of delicate balance

You and me in the fragrance of being



© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved


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