“Where’s Mary Jane…My Mary Jane?”…

Marianne Schuett, disappearance April, 1967
Marianne Schuett, disappearance April, 1967


Nearly one year ago I wrote about a little girl’s disappearance from a small community in southern Ontario, Canada back in 1967. I choose to keep Marianne Schuett and the hope of her eventual finding alive in the mind and spirit of many. We have to embrace hope, we have to believe in miracles.
Moments are a lifetime for this individual to her family, relatives, friends and community.

PLEASE SHARE this story, far and wide. Share this story and this little girl’s image, not allowing the long passage of time to detract from the significance and urgency of her finding. Thank you for being here to see this story and passing it on to as many as possible…for the sake of Marianne Schuett. Hope runs eternal and must be so…for Marianne, her beloved family,,,and all those who have disappeared before and since.


Don MacIver; poetry & prose

Where's Mary Jane? Where’s Mary Jane?

In memory of Marianne Schuett who disappeared April, 1967…

This morning I rose like any other morning. I brewed some coffee, had a bite to eat and then, as is part of my daily routine, I eased down into my favourite chair in the livingroom, a recliner where I sit and gaze through expansive windows to the marina literally in our front yard, lapping Pacific waters, the gulls swooping by, the heavenly blue sky, the straight, island and coastal mainland beyond. When I awoke the sky was a brilliant shade of blue with only a whisper of a wind.

I have often looked out those windows at the beauty that surrounds us, the peaceful serenity, almost dreamlike splendor, seemingly unaffected by the global picture, the experiences of humanity good and bad. My thoughts often drift in their own direction as I gaze through those windows and out…

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