Writing’s beauty and grace through Roxi St. Clair…please reblog to share with those who love the written verse


2 thoughts on “Snowshine

  1. I like this one. I can see the child’s eyes light up with shear delight just as I saw in Lucas the other day when he walked in the snow. His limited reference point looked at the snow as if it were magical. The line were the air filled the lungs of the child, I felt that as though it was a much needed and sought after breath of fresh air soothing in all its intent that I had been searching for. A great piece of writing. Thanks Don.


    1. Yes Mike, I shared the wonderful writing ‘Snowshine’ by Roxi St. Clair, a remarkably gifted poet, for the shear delight of her words and how they touch the imagination, heart and soul. Roxi is a friend and treasured poet, followed by many. There is often a touch of child-like innocence about her words, her visions that is really quite endearing. She writes on the romantic side to which draws the reader in for a compelling read. I love her every subject. The images she selects to accompany her original works are beautiful accompaniment to each piece. I am indeed a fan for her intimate embrace of the language and the images she paints with her words.


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