You And I; Striking A Balance

Photo © Karpati Gabor
Photo © Karpati Gabor


Looking back on days that would pass us by

Through shadows and brilliant moonlight glowing

Our voice touching heart as the sun would rise

Our words find a balance, understanding

Contentment adrift as water lilies

Delicate waver as hesitation

Your hand grasping mine and I embracing

Each moment, our journey everlasting



© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved

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2 thoughts on “You And I; Striking A Balance

  1. Greetings Don,

    Good to read this at the start of a new week. It seems to me that your writing grows simpler in style, more confident and deeper still – which is how it should be. A lovely read and I wish you every success in holding on to this this rich vein of form…. Great Stuff! With Best Wishes Scott


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