Global Mom: A Memoir – Book Trailer

Melissa Dalton-Bradford has launched this treasure with a truly remarkable story to tell. This author articulates such an amazing life experience through and through. She has lived through the highs and lows of life and all it brings and this book will truly inspire…a MUST have for all who embrace family, house and home. I feel enriched to have read Melissa’s outstanding blog posts and now you can experience it all through Global Mom: A Memoir. Her words are remarkably moving and inspiring. Put this new release at the top of your ‘must have, must read’ list. Read her here on WordPress and you’ll understand the power of life and all its giving.

Melissa Writes of Passage

You’re invited to this, the exclusive trailer premier. Let me bring you to my treasured Norwegian farm table in my cozy home in our little Swiss village. Take a brisk look at a few images chronicling our family’s life, and listen as I invite you to read what I hope will be for you a valuable – even life-changing – book.

Please give me a birthday gift by sharing this with all your family and friends.

(Let’s flood!)

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