Symmetry of Souls; poetry

photo image c/o
photo image c/o

What makes two human beings connect? Were there truly a meeting of the minds, ‘soul mates’ as it were, would it conclude through expenditures of enlightened consciousness or the greater forces that blossom of natural energies that comingle a chemistry that flows from the vortex of the brain in a supercharged hormonal secretion of straight line heart sounds in reciprocal and reactive awareness that translates into a relationship we equate to ‘love’?

Whoa, where did that come from? Is that symmetry all that complicated? How that natural chemistry comes about from a neuro-physiological perspective may be far less relative to most than the causal effect and how we respond to it.

Surely there has to be a symmetry of heart, mind and soul when it comes to terms of endearment, love lust affections that seem instantaneous, as a spontaneous combustion, a iridescent burst of inner sensations that sudden a love interest that begs pursuing. Does it all start with unwavering eye contact, an unintentional physical contact…or something much less tangible?


Iridescent flecks of likeness

Flash as neon starlit notions

Floral streams of consciousness

Upon combustible profusions

Her touch infatuation as

A symmetry of souls emerge

The words we shared a wanderlust

Heart sound’s replete surrender


© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved


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