Jane Munro; Salmonberries, poetry

Jane Munro, poet; photo Andrea Bailey









Contemporary poet Jane Munro

photo © Andrea Bailey


Don MacIver on Jane Munro…

One of the key elements of elevated exposure and the celebration of written word lies in the sharing of exceptional creative works. I am forever reading the writings of other authors and poets and marvel at their wit, their intellect, their connection with life. One such celebrated author of words is award winning Canadian poet Jane Munro and from here book ‘Point No Point‘ I share the following delightful poetic verse…


Jane Munro
From:   Point No Point


Later, things will get brutish.
I will squat, tug,
swing the mattock, work my fingers
round their knobby tap roots,
fall over backwards, all
to get the god-damned salmonberries
out of the meadow. But today
I pause to see their delicate green dressing
of April’s raw flank—as if a blade had scraped
the scales off winter, then wrapped its ache
in seaweed. Salmonberry leaves like an aura
around sinewy branches. Each leaf
points towards the sky. Each flower,
a magenta bell, hangs down. A winter wren,
tail tipped up, extends and extends its song.
I turn back to the house thinking
leaves, flowers, bird—
wrapped in neat bundles like sushi.


© Jane Munro


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