I Am…A Reflection of Man

But a few months ago, in April of this past spring, I wrote this piece, inspired not only by the photo image here but also my years of experience with the elderly. Hear the words, embrace their meaning…please like and rate this piece…and share it with others. It’s message bears repeating.

Don MacIver; poetry & prose

r169_457x256_767_Old_man_old_man_photo_photography_digital_artLook deep in the soul of humanity

Past a body so frail, what do you see

The life that still dances in these old eyes

The years have compounded, a mind so wise

I am your brother, father, friend of years

Still vibrant in spirit though through my tears

Cry would I, yes, for a life passed me by

I am man through the ages, ask me why


Why after temptation, the hate and greed

The hunger, desperate, children of need

Words spoke in anger, on battlefields shed

The blood and the dying, rivers run red

Look again, through my eyes, a world awaits

Walk a mile in my shoes, not hesitate

Rest your hand gently o’er this old man’s heart

Feel the pulse of a lifetime this soul imparts


Imparts from a weary, wandering man

Lo walked through the ages, in fear I ran

From the perils…

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