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red-crowned crane, Carmanah ValleyNew beginnings abound! In my most recent post here titled ‘Rising Suns’ I shared the inspirational poem reflecting on the great anticipation of tomorrows in the words “amber suns rising on new horizons”.

That featured poem was a lead-in to my days ahead. In the midst of a major career change to the extent that I will be channeling all of my focus on professional writing endeavors, I had paused to consider the great potential, indeed the promise that every tomorrow has to offer. My great passion for writing will continue to be shared here as I feature new writings of poetry and prose and all things related.

As I move forward writing for Ernie Cefalu, Owner & Senior Creative Director of Pacific Eye & Ear (new website to be launched very soon at!) my days are filled with that tremendous anticipation. Exciting times lay ahead with new beginnings, new associations, new friendships, newfound trust and respect.

In addition to the regular posts sharing my newly written poetry and prose, short stories, articles and author’s voice I will also be sharing special and exciting news of all things Pacific Eye & Ear as they unfold! For anyone who loves the tremendous album cover design artworks of the 1970’s, 1980’s and beyond you will want to stay tuned. The images and back stories of these remarkable artworks will surely touch your own heart, mind and soul as they have my own.

New beginnings also prompted me to do something I have deliberated with for some time now and that was to upgrade my literary website A Poet’s View for a fresh new look and greater flexibility in terms of visitor appeal and site functionality commensurate with my publishing objectives. Enjoy the new look and content as we move forward! If you haven’t already done so please simplify your enjoyment of my site by clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button in the upper right corner of this site page so that you will not miss any of my published writings here! By subscribing each of my posts will flow automatically to your email inbox or RSS  feed as you prefer!

Here is just one of many superb artworks you will enjoy here at Transitions

Pacific Eye & Ear, Fine Art of Rock
Pacific Eye & Ear, Fine Art of Rock

Remarkable artwork remakes/enhancement by Jorge Nogueira in

collaboration with Ernie Cefalu © 2013; All Rights Reserved

Enjoy the journey along with me! The sights and sounds of Transitions are ever evolving…then again, that is what ‘The Promise Of All Tomorrows’ is all about!

Good reading!


© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved


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3 thoughts on “The Promise Of All Tomorrows; author’s voice, creative arts

    1. Thank you so much Melissa. Your support has been marvelous! The life of a writer can be a lonely road yet I have ‘met’ so many wonderful individuals online and have actually befriended and physically met some of those friends in person, many of which live in very distant locations of Canada and the US. As we share aspects of our lives within the context of our published writings there is often a personal and heartfelt connection. The miracle of the internet allows us the luxury of instant connection even though we may be on the other side of the planet! I think in many respects we find that we are not alone in this world, sharing moments or life experiences in common, and are able to reach out in friendship and caring support in ways I never would have thought possible when I began this writing journey some thirteen years ago. And what an amazing journey it has been. I have two books to write/edit/enhance in the next few months for my newfound associate in the illustrative arts field and just two days ago became aware that I will be doing a full book edit/embellishment for a businesswoman whose husband is a high level diplomat for the German government. They currently reside in Dubai. So the connections, interaction and conveyance are far reaching. I have dedicated nearly my every waking hour to my writing for so long now and to see these opportunities unfolding is truly gratifying, exciting, a little out of my professional comfort zone (but this is truly what I wanted) and a dream come true. There will be challenges along the way of course…and heavens, it will all detract from my reading time of fellow authors, especially one Melissa Dalton-Bradford yet I SHALL overcome! Bless you for being here. I will continue to support you in any way I can here at WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere…that much and can and will promise to you. 😉


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