May Day! M’aider!

Melissa Dalton-Bradford’s new book ‘Global Mom: A Memoir’, about to be released on Amazon, will share a treasure of life’s splendors and challenges, enlightening, deeply moving, articulate to a fault…a must read. Her blog captures the essence. Read her, embrace her story and be enriched by her journey…remarkable.

Melissa Writes of Passage


It’s March. This I know.

And you know about the derivations of the international distress signal.

Nonetheless, I’m here with a sweet linguistic tidbit that might not change your life forever, but could liven up the next nightmare conversation you find yourself stalled in: “Say! Speaking of your Uncle Gilbert’s failed hair transplants, I once learned that. . .” And that’s when you can tell about the origins of the international distress signal.

“May Day” derives from the French, “Help me”, (literally: come to my aid or venez m’aider).

And now you also know how to correctly pronounce words with apostrophes in the middle and random silent consonants at the end.

Now that I’ve helped you with that mini culture capsule, here is how you can help me, if you would, please.

Talk. With me and with each other about this book. How to do this? Come…

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