The Chosen; Of Zeus & His Vestige…amoung most viewed!

One of the most viewed writings I have published here in thirteen (13) years, ‘The Chosen; Of Zeus & His Vestige’ embraces the Romantic Period of Greek lore! Evidently one of my strongest writes to date, the romance is still the thing! Please enjoy…and share!

Don MacIver; poetry & prose









photo c/o Google Images

Two lovers, chosen through the mindful vestige of Zeus under the influence of the dart of Eros, gather fragrant flowers by the sea. Of the fair maidens Europa and Asia, beautiful, chaste lo alluring, the mighty and cunning Zeus came to the maidens in courting. He, as fragrant as the water lily, appeared as the most beautiful of white bulls. The fair maidens stroked and pet this most appealing benefactor of their distractions.

Zeus was compelled to the affections of Europa. He explained his love of her for which she drew near and deeply attracted. Their flight was swift to Crete where she would bear his many famous sons. She was…the chosen.


Skin bathed in the purest milk of white

In moonlit glisten on Isle of Crete

Fair maiden Europa walked barefoot

Upon sands…

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