Around Midnight; A Birth Of New Days Waiting






Walt Whitman wrote:

“THIS is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,
Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,
Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou
lovest best.
Night, sleep, death and the stars.”



In the quiet of all midnights inner thoughts become awakened. The arousal of my solitude brings forth a multitude of images, sounds, textures, smells…a full disclosure of earthly senses. Thought processes reach out to greater conclusions and in the softest, gentler hour past answers forgave their questions.


Eleven fifty-nine, end of days near

Absolute darkness save a moonlit sea

My thoughts breaking silence, alone I hear

Delicate whispers, wind upon cedars

Moon’s yawn in the wane of night’s recession

The sea in all iridescent shimmer

None other could be heard nor seen, save for

Utterance of a seal lion’s bellow


In the cloak of greater serenity

No truer distinction, night upon days

Unappeasable examinations

Of self and soul without limitation

Abidance of custom shall nonetheless

Proffer guidance as rules of engagement

And lo, upon the stroke of midnight’s pass

Conclusions, a birth of new days waiting


© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved


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2 thoughts on “Around Midnight; A Birth Of New Days Waiting

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog and for liking several of my posts. Your poems are wonderful and I’m enjoying so much reading your words. This Whitman quote is something I’m going to share with a friend — her father is very near death and has been for five days now. We are all praying that his “free flight into the wordless” is coming soon.


    1. Again, thank you very much for your presence and kind remarks. I went through the hospitalization and loss of my own dad in November, 2012 and I wrote several pieces regarding that experience in my blog here. I do so in the hopes that for anyone who is or recently has gone through such a difficult time they may find some comfort in my words.


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