Elysian Dreams; visions ethereal

photo image c/o digital-art-gallery.com


Oftentimes I would walk astoundingly

Unaware of surrounds nor state of being

Lost in unresponsive tranquility

Hastening my leave of earthly senses

My footsteps leading anticipation

Before me as though a guidance of kind

Mine eyes ever closed to elysian dreams

Would bathe foreknowing a coming of days


I pause in the survey, wandering

Paths thou wouldst, offering, lay before me

Each foothold new directions of choosing

Lo I flounder in its bound decision

My attentions drawn to scintillate beams

Of blinding light from earth to the heavens

As though beckoning one and another

Our faith ethereal visions’ founding


© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved


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2 thoughts on “Elysian Dreams; visions ethereal

  1. The flow of your lines is pleasing to my mind, Don. When I read these lines aloud, I felt a sense of calm that was most soothing. The feeling was more important than the words’ literal meanings which can be “interpreted” variously. The feeling and mood and sensation are all here, to my mind. Nice!


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