Tranquil of Amber Heavens

Sproat Lake, Vancouver Islandphoto c/o
Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island
photo c/o

Sun’s decrescent fall from heavens

Enflamed in the dusk of pallor

Mountains in darkened silhouette

Bathe my soul in tranquil amber

The night surrenders water still

The air in molten silence breathes

A sigh of relief, tempered skies

Relinquish to night’s approaching


Shoreline sands in ashen decay

Strewn with the timber of drifting

Shallows bubble in earth’s content

As would I amidst its beauty

Sensations of this time and place

Infused as the night would pleasure

A twilight moon anticipates

My linger in the lown of dreams


© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved


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