Raindrops and Roses; St. Valentine’s Eve

image c/o digital-art-gallery.com
image c/o digital-art-gallery.com









For my rose…

A thousand reasons cross my mind

As streaming petals of  the rose

So many ways in like, in love

Would I embrace in holding you

The smile, a touch and softer words

Those often would I fail to speak

Your lips upon, a gentle kiss

From mine, no fonder words can say


‘tis nobler in my asking that

Mine eyes convey the words I seek

Wouldst raindrops fall as roses my

Affections flow as rivers deep

How delicate would our desire

Unfold as blossoms tenderly

In shades of dusk a coral hue

As night would fall, surrendering


Would we as orchid and the rose

In splendor bid forevermore

A promise in save harmless keep

To love and cherish all our days

And as the candlelight grows dim

We’d rhythmic sway as pendulums

In dance, resplendent moments pass

Our coupling, timeless memories


© Don MacIver 2013; A Valentine’s Verse, All Rights Reserved


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