Oak of Peace

``Friedenseiche`` Oak of Peace
“Friedenseiche“ Oak of Peace








For Alexandra von Hahn


Footsteps trace memories so long ago

To the sidewalks of Eichwalde, once my home

Where fragrant lime trees with dewdrop glisten

The morning’s glory of sunrise risen

Amidst shade trees stood Evangelische Kirche

Its towering rooflines a pinnacle

Reaching the heavens in towering spire

Parabrahm song notes cascading inside


Hymnal conveyance would pass window sill

Far reaching the streets of southeast Berlin

Rise above Friedenseiche, amber sunsets

To drift amid clusters of patchwork cloud

A quilt work as tufts of cotton candy

The scents, how they linger from waters by

As moonlight shimmers on Zeutherner See

My footsteps echoing oak tree of peace


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “Oak of Peace

  1. I have to smile..I picked acorns today for an art thing I am working on…
    and I decided to use the acorn in a quilt I am designing….
    acorn is for “new beginnings”
    perfect poem for me….
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…


    1. Thank you so much for being here Mary Rose. This was a very special piece I wrote for an overseas client of mine who I am doing editing/writing of a book for. She is currently a resident in the Persian Gulf but knowing of her home town in southeast Berlin I did some research and wrote the piece to include the ‘Oak of Peace’ which for the residents of her home town has great significance in the town’s history. My client was really pleased and touched by the gesture of my extending this writing to her.


    1. Thank you Scott. I wanted to do a nice piece for Alexandra, my client overseas. She really enjoyed Oak of Peace. I did some preliminary research to discover touch point landmarks found in her home town to make the piece that much more personal for her. Born to an aristocratic family in Chile, Alexandra has lived in Canada, Germany and most recently the Persian Gulf region where travels have taken she and her Diplomat husband. They have just concluded their tenure in Abu Dhabi and are in transition back to Germany. The Baroness has been a wonderful client to be associated with as she progresses through her own writing journey with the development of two of her own treasured books.


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