Ruby Rose Moon; Re-visited by popular demand











In the twilight of a summer moon

Upon a sky of ruby red rose

You and I would drift, sweet pretenders

To savoured moments gone too soon


Stilled waters’ bid a soft reflection

Of daylights’ passing on shades of pale

Your lips convey gentle reminder

In a voice of soulful affections


Steel away with me on ruby seas

To starlit nights’ iridescent moon

Full in the dusk of a pastel blue

In the skies of timeless memories


Your kiss would taste of sweet surrender

Our hearts would soar as the mountain high

In our dreams faraway endless nights

‘til dawn of ruby moon Septembers


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Ruby Rose Moon; Re-visited by popular demand

    1. Thank you very much Eric. Ruby Rose Moon has always seemed special to me, during the writing phase and the experience of exploring it, and the wonderful responses, ever since. is an exceptional site Eric. Functionality is ever changing/improving, absent the technical issues I found with numerous other high-profile sites and provides a much better analytical tracking of site visitors etc. for a greater sense of exposure critical to the eye of a writer or anyone else pursuing reading audience growth. I’m always here if questions arise. As with any initial website experience the functionality takes a little getting used to but I have never looked back. Great to hear from you. Cheers.


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