Kilimanjaro; Our Life Force Within

The eternal power of a life force within…










Mount Kilimanjaro, towering majesty above Tanzania.

Photo image c/o Google Images


A dense, wetland of tropical montane forest shoulders her base, rising through a heavy circumference of forest cloud, all the higher still through lower elevation giant ferns, groundsel, orchid, wild mango, thistle, fireball lily and pendulum and bunchgrass, climbing an exhaustive execution of footwork and sheer determination through alpine desert only to yield to rugged, rocky terrain and amid ice fields.


And lo, the final, steep push through snow and ice-capped cones of Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo to the extremities of her towering, seemingly unreachable summit. Kilimanjaro, powerful life force to the local Chagga peoples, remains legend in folklore whereas man-eating spirits haunt those who dare its lofty ascent. Herein lies our own life force, our peaks and valleys and all that life yields in between.


The incinerate bathe of morning

Lingers moist upon my rising breast

Dream would awaken dormant notion

Burdens lofty as obstacles loom

Spirits of lore would deliberate

My ascent through summit of being

As creatures would roam and eagles soar

Our Kilimanjaro, dormant, waits


We rise in spirit of occasion

Our boundless energies would defy

Barriers of our own confession

One’s final push beyond mountain high

Lo despisement, fear and deception

Would loom the heavier cross to bear

Ours in defiance and the taking

The spirit’s victor and summit’s claim


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved










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