Burton Cummings Tribute; Ms. Lolly Snickers

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of legendary singer/songwriter/musician/producer Burton Cummings. His career has spanned fifty years now and he and his touring/recording band The Carpet Frogs are playing to sellout concert venues across North America. Burton Cummings has achieved fame on varied levels and has received countless music awards and has been bestowed civilian honours including Officer Of The Order Of Canada.

His voice sounds better than ever and Cummings has continued to receive critical acclaim from industry experts who, like his enormous following, are astounded to hear and see this man’s live and recorded performances. Cummings’ audience today, young and old alike, rise to their feet in tearful ovation having savoured the emotional experience of reliving songs that were huge hits for Cummings dating as far back as the late sixties.

Burton Cummings’ success through the past five decades has been lauded as nothing short of extraordinary. His connection with his audience is testament to his genuine dedication to his music and his audience. To see young adults singing word for word to songs of Cummings that have spanned the decades is really quite remarkable. People of all ages continue to tune in to the extraordinary master of his craft.

This type of post is highly unusual for me on this, my primary writing blog. I share this reflection with you here because Burton Cummings also has a poetic side of his extraordinary talents. Cummings has written a soon-to-be-released book of original poetic works which is really quite impressive. I will post more here on the release of the book shortly.

Burton Cummings has an excellent blog site well worth a visit at Burton Cummings where you will find a full range of blogs posted by Cummings personally. In addition, the site shares numerous outstanding concert videos taken by Lil Sarafian, Cummings’ videographer and still photographer. The sound is outstanding, musical arrangements extraordinary, timeless music from the heart, mind and soul of a performing artist who has stayed true to his music and his audience. His longevity in a hugely competitive industry is in itself remarkable.

I recently created a character named Ms. Lolly Snickers ©, played by yours truly, and dedicated solely to Burton Cummings. On the occasion that Cummings recently lost his dearly loved mother I felt it important and timely to create a video in the hopes that it would raise his spirits during such a difficult time in his life.

Without further adieu I give you Ms. Lolly Snickers; A Tribute To Burton Cummings


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