Just Between Us; Intimate Disclosure


photo c/o Google Images


Words play on parchment, salacious muse

As diurnal notations rendered

By lovers’ intimate whispering

Through insinuate eyes of yearning

Secrets as only you and I share

Of tender moments as disclosure

Cast upon pages of memory

Locked away on a bed of roses


Petals of crimson red lay upon

Our desires in cursive reminder

As rhythmic dance and candlelight wine

In the fore of intimate pleasures

Too, there was laughter and often tears

Would fall from the inkwell insensate

Shamed of our insensibility

An absence of malice intentioned


We lay in the bounty of our words

Cradled in our arms as the onset

Of primal instincts captured in time

Bound our souls for all eternity

Our naked awareness transcending

Any misgivings and hereto pass

For crimson letters shall hence record

The beauty of days and endless nights


You and I in the savour of words

Scrawled in crimson storybook verse

The heart sounds of endless passions lay

On each page of parchment so rendered


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


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