Island Maydaze

Breathtaking beauty of Kennedy Lake. West of Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, BC, mountain meets Heaven and pristine waters…reflections of a dream.











photo by Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


Gusting westerly winds drift ashore

Raking sands of May in a frenzy

Footprint impressions fade in its wake

Driftwood lay in a remnant scatter

Upon my face a caressing sun

Bathes in a warming touch as tender

As near-flame to awaiting candles

It’s amber hints of summer’s coming


Gulls swoop in a downdraft lazily

Wings splay in the wind cantilever

A mindful distance where eagles soar

In the grace of Heavenly being

Our hands joined, a familiar embrace

And stride the rhythm lovers wander

Lips meet in seductive encounter

Tongues roll, as breaking waves, surrender


Dawn daze of May forever wakened

By rolling surf and cadent sea breeze

A sensual mist o’er water’s crest

As climax, a fury of thrashing

On rugged outcrop’s penetration

Far and away from glistening shores

A surging undertow lists away

In the froth of daze to remember


Wave after wave of tidal pleasures

Our gaze would oft wander open seas

Where a lost horizon drifts away

And dreams lay upon a distant shore

In the sleep of island daze’ romance

And wonderment of nights passed us by

Words in passion reminisce the day

As we lay in sands of tomorrow


Kennedy Island is nestled in the mountains on the westbound highway to Tofino, BC.











photo by Don MacIver 2012; Kennedy Island


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


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