Sunset of Dreams







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I visited a dear elderly friend yesterday in her suite at our retirement complex. She was just brought home from the hospital and is suffering congenital heart failure. Frail as she is she stood upon my arrival, faced me squarely, her eyes locked in mine. With a faint smile of fondness she took my hands in hers and tearfully let me know her time is near an end. She confided her fear for what will soon come though she is accepting all the same. Rose has led a wonderful long life into her early nineties and our quiet conversations in recent months have been deeply revealing. She had but one love in her life, her husband who she lost years ago after he succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease. She has carried on without him all these years later and recalls him ever so fondly as she gazes upon his framed photo on the bureau. The tears well in her eyes as she recounts the beauty between their loving hearts. Soon they will once again be together.


For our dearest Rose…


A dusk for all days in amber dance

Rose upon heavens and in your eyes

Candlelit dreams of timeless romance

Would sweep you away ‘til sun would rise


A far away place, a distant time

You would sway in his arms so gently

Song notes capture memories sublime

Whisper of devotions tenderly


On seas of tomorrow sail away

As tides of farewell, serenity

In your soul the sands of time convey

Precious moments, covet destiny


© Don MacIver 2012, All Rights Reserved



2 thoughts on “Sunset of Dreams

    1. Thank you so much Darlene. I imagine Rose is gone from us now. Before my wife and I moved on (we were co-managers at the retirement residence) I wrote a poem about Rose and her husband, framed it nicely and gifted it to Rose. The memories of the tears she shed are vivid to this day. Those were very special years with the most wonderful people…we were extended family. I was truly inspired in my writing through our dear friends.

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