Seas-ons For Change; Gentle Waters Flow









photo by Don MacIver 2012;  Parksville, BC


In the dawn of summers, gentle winds

A breath of pinecone, thistledown weed

Caressing strokes of a painter’s sky

In royal blue pallor, light to dark

The sands of tomorrow yield today

As tidal waters in constant change

Thickets of tallgrass lean to the lee

Foreknow tendencies of seasons’ change


Footsteps fall silent to seasons past

Periodical tracings rendered

On a canvass of life for living

Souls left behind in antiquation

Hear ambit chatter of shifting tides

Gentle the seas of change ever flow

Immutable as earth’s rotation

On a universe of boundless skies


In the still of silent watchfulness

The sounds of humankind pass me by

As fragment insensibilities

Misguided fools of delinquency

Lo the sun would rise another day

And the winds would frenzy tranquil seas

Inner peace the cleanse of aimless souls

Adrift upon seas of damnation


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


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