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Poised amid river bend tallgrass green

Statuesque in her blue-gray plumage

Eyes squint avoidance of mid-day’s sun

And the sequined glimmer of shallows

Her vigil for prey on stilted limbs

In noiseless steps’ deliberation

Striking with acute celerity

Small fish wriggle hopeless rendition


Upon summer’s breeze ambrosial

Scents tousled in a paroxysm

As tumbleweed in autumnal scorn

Tossed about betwixt changing seasons

At once her flight in graceful portion

Deep wingbeats sway in rhythmic meter

She drifts ever nigh glistened waters

As a swan on gossamery wings


Descent her facile gerrymander

Gliding wings of blue-gray vestiary

Touching down in tallgrass green

She waits in shallows, riverbank queen


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


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