Tradewinds of Moorea

Cook's Bay, Moorea Island, Tahiti

Cook’s Bay, Moorea Island, Tahiti

photo c/o Google Images


The village now trailing far behind

We dance on Opunohu white sands

A Polynesian tradewind whispers

In sensual tease as we linger

Seductive, gentle ‘Ote’ a sway

Lips caressing and tongues commingle

The taste of arousal pleasuring

Senses awakened from depths within


Palms overhang transparent waters

Suspended, listless animations

Breaching humpback and dolphins at play

Escape our distrait attentions

My probing touches awakening

Dormant sensualities within

Your skin glistens coco butter oil

In the trailing of Moorean sun


Simmering breeze of mara’ amu

Fragrant passage o’er darkened seas

Would carry upon rising mountains

To their peaks amid beholden skies

Our bodies writhe in torrid passions

Upon the white sands of Temae

Your kiss the enticement of coitus

In the linger of Moorea winds



© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


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