Butternut Sand


photo c/o Photobucket.com


Remember summer’s sunset amble

Skin moist upon a Chesterman wind

Cooling mist of anticipation

Would caress night’s air in languid brume

Our fingertips tracing fervent souls

A mystic passion burning within

Barefoot rhythms on butternut sands

Adrift as elegant Berwick’s swan


Turned in the pause of awaiting gaze

Eyes glisten tears of akoya pearl

Fragrant Almond L’ Erbolario

From the luster of your golden skin

Your hair falls gentle as soft Charmeuse

And we kiss in salacious linger

Aftertaste of Ardeche Chardonnay

Would tarry as Santorini rain


We lay in the tepid shallows as

A rising flood tide intoxicates

Lo the warm wetness of passion’s flow

Would release upon excited skin

Our bed of undulant sand softly

Cushions our impassioned love making

Your touch burns as a simmering sun

In the dusk of days I remember


Copyright Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved


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