Snowflakes From Heaven

Tinkerbell snowdrops from Heaven would fall

Crystalline petals of feather-soft down

Adrift as faces, names and memories

Song notes lilting on a mandolin wind

A dream of garland and tinsel adorn

Limbs of our momentary existence

Coloured lights shimmer in radiant glow

As moments so treasured illuminate

A distant song of mirth would be carolled

By souls in a jubilate citation

The voice of angels in hymnal rejoice

Resounding glory of a newborn king

Candlelight flickers as the northern star

A distant beacon of our hopes and dreams

Shone ever so bright upon midnight sky

As snowflakes from Heaven would gentle fall

Wishing all dear friends a safe and joyous holiday season

May your days be filled with hope and your nights with snowflake dreams

Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


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