Spill of Tiers; Inner Sanctum










Alexander Falls, Callaghan

Valley, Sea To Sky country

near Whistler, British Columbia

photo c/o Google Images



Mine eyes would draw weary as though to close

In the forenoon of dreary Novembers

Sun’s veil in the slumber-cast of shadow

Upon autumn of past days’ surrender

Drifting in a seamless, soulful caress

As relief of the falls Alexander

Velum of shimmering white water`s mist

The tranquil of inner sanctum of tiers


Staged in a placid cataract memory

In the relief of my thought`s unbosom

Flow as the waters of tranquility

Milliseconds pass ad infinitum

Anxieties ebb in soundless chatter

Quittance lo darker actuality

The serenity of my erstwhile being

Reanimate freefall, cascade of tiers


Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Spill of Tiers; Inner Sanctum

    1. Thanks very much Eileen. It was a pleasure writing this one. Life has me bogged down at the moment and I’ve had precious little time to read and comment much at all and I’m still working towards a December release of my second book. Hugs always.


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