Foreplay and Mango; adult content

Providencia Island; photo c/o Google Images

Caribbean paradise Providencia Island, Columbia; photo c/o Google Images


Dawn’s sun played in a pearlescent shimmer

Rays and shadow-cast turquoise brilliance

Coconut palms in lazy surrender

Fallen penumbra silhouette waters

Mountain’s rise o’er the sway of mangrove green

In translucent foreplay of summer winds

Caressing shores of Providencia

White flower midst island butterfly dreams


Your rise from silken sheets of mulberry

Gentle in grace as Columbian breeze

Caressing a curtainless window sill

Trace scent of your skin casaba melon

The naked sheer of a camisole lace

Draped in whispers of coitus arousal

Hips sway in the pleasures of island dance

Suggestive gyrations of my awaken


Barefoot, you walk upon white sandy shores

Bodice revealing your breast curvature

Toes caress waters in calypso sway

Pulsating as waves of erotic desire

Bathed in the simmer of coconut oil

Fingers’ excitement, erogenous play

As nipples, hardened anticipation

Reveal in the wetness of covering


Trembling, I fondle my genitalia

Glistened response to your rhythmic stride

An alluring blend of island reggae

Surging blood swelling upon tempest seas

Crawling straddle, you spread my awaiting

Tongues flutter in frantic dissertation

Erotic witness of mango lingers

Ejaculate utterance consuming


Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


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