Between Heaven & Earth; Rainbows & Dreams







photo c/o Google Images


The brilliant colour of the rainbow in its arc between earth and heaven and back to earth again holds a mystic aura and enchantment. A refraction and reflection of light in smooth graduation of intensity to a maximum colour brilliance is an optical phenomenon some wait a lifetime to see.

Newton’s sevenfold spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet has been the subject of perception, scientific examination and interpretation through the eons of time. Sunlight is spread throughout the spectrum of colours and light as water droplets of airborne mist, dew or rainfall reflect this arc of enchantment between earth and heaven.

Cultural symbolism has reflected theory in religion, mythology, art, literature, music and film. Rainbows in our dreams are thought to represent a connection of two different worlds…earthly and heavenly. The visual experience of a rainbow gives one a sense of hope, new beginnings and is a highly personal interpretation. In dreams we see parts of our self in division, a reflection of what we are doing (earthly) vs. A part of our self in a more spiritual sense…our quest is the uniting of those earthly and heavenly parts of our selves.



I close my eyes in quiet repose

Hear my breath in its recantation

Confessions as through a looking glass

Abridged spectrums of colouration


An arc of refractile illusions

Reach for the heavens luminary

As otherworldly empowerment

Confounding of one’s adversary


In the center of my universe

I stand resolute with limbs upturned

Beneath greater expectations dreamed

The colours of my being eterne



Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


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