photo c/o Google Images


Measured footsteps in a forest green

Where the sun would bathe soft earthen things

My breath exhaled in suspended mist

A sigh in the relief of autumn

Morn’s chill would glisten upon my skin

As dew in night’s settle on fern’s frond

In animate quiver of dawn’s breath

A quieting warmth overwhelms me


In passing I reach for tender leaf

In the fall of all season’s alter

Sensing your presence of benign traces

As footprints swept in a solstice wind

Still I love you in the afterlife

Beloved passion’s sweet surrender

Your scent lingers as patchouli oil

Blackberry silk and floral vestige


I close my eyes to serenity

Hear you whisper estranged misgiving

In the requital of forlornity

Your tears would fall as the forest rain

To cleanse the palate of broken souls

In the darkened wood a discontent

Is bathed in the light of day’s after

Fragments of devotion rekindled


Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


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