Malahat Moon








photo c/o Google Images

Shores of the Malahat, Vancouver Island


In the heart of my homeland lays

the Malahat, a mountainous passage

between the southernmost regions of

Vancouver Island to the mid and upper

island splendour of lakes, rivers, mountains

and oceanic vistas I have been so long

blessed to inhabit. This land ever inspires

my writing and spiritual wellness.


Piercing a night sky of Pacific Blue

To dance upon inlet’s shimmering plain

In the reverence of First Nation peoples

High above Sitka lay Malahat Moon


Upon the realm of red cedar’s command

Cohabit owl, thrush and salamander

Silhouette to the rise of silent moon

Resplendent spirit of ages would loom


Her neon whisper of centuries’ lore

A resonant hand nigh darkened seas

Where souls and summit would enlightened rest

In the wake of shadows, Malahat Moon



Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


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