More Than A Cross To Bear

photo c/o Google Images

On a beautiful sunny morning in mid-September, 2001 a crisis without precedent saw the monolithic World Trade Centre tower complex collapse in a shattered, smoke and dust-choked pile of rubble. An act of terrorism wrought death and destruction the likes of which neither New York City nor the United States of America had ever witnessed.

A horrific act of unconscionable proportion brought the global population to a gut-wrenching, tear-choked silence on September 11, 2001. The scar will remain forever in our hearts, our minds, our souls. Our world had been irrevocably changed…forever.

Monolithic, emblematic its stand

Impresa absolute commerce and trade

Pinnacle of engineering standard

Touching a sky without limitation

Steel and glass spanning Cerulean blue

Shouldered only by imagination

Cradled upon its earthly foundation

Granite of mankind and institution

Darkness loomed heavy this September morn

A fanatical storm of coercion

Would shear at the heart and soul of mankind

Wielding the might of a crimson sabre

Tears of a nation upon dust would fall

Mudding waters nigh a burial ground

Anguish ever more than a cross to bear

For the innocent and heroes taken

A proud nation would rise from the ashes

Time the purveyance of will and courage

Fear mongering and hatred vilified

The terrorist in damnation would fall

…a decade later the pain still lingers as forever it surely will

Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “More Than A Cross To Bear

  1. sometimes i think what we need to remember …. is that may not rise together. but if we fall, will certainly do so as one.

    a thank you to Canada, Don …. the USA has worthy neighbors that make the West a reality of heart.



  2. Reblogged this on A Poet's View and commented:

    September 11, 2001 will always be amoung the darkest days in this writer’s memory. The terrorist attack on the World Trace Center towers in New York City struck the heart, mind and soul of the world population as a horrific scene of international terrorism and fear mongering unfolded before us all. The monolith towers of world commence were reduced to a deathbed pile of smoke and ashen rubble, human beings buried alive and the world ground to staggering halt as news media captured the sickening moments following the impact of two hijacked commercial airliners that in a matter of minutes changes history forever. The scars of a nation continue to heal and efforts to counter terrorism remain at the forefront of national and global security.
    9.1.1. was a stark reminder of just how vulnerable humanity is in the face of hate, intolerance, fear, prejudice, ignorance and fanatical suicide attacks. We survive as nations embracing the strength and commonality of trust, respect, love and morality.
    This horrendous event unfolded twelve years ago and only one month before this writer’s wedding day. Our reception was fraught with emotion for a number of reasons including the tragic events just a short time ago. The tears and grief of irrational, indescribable intention and the fallout that may well take lifetimes to heal continue to smolder in the hearts and minds of millions to this day. To rise from those ashes and rebuild sends a clear message to those who would contemplate such catastrophic consequence on humanity. Those amoung us who live for liberty, justice and freedom will never bow to such anarchistic actions…we stand on guard against the evils that loom just below the surface of reason.


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