Three Roses; I Wish For You…

photo by Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved
For Andrea...

First rose would share my estimation
Of the subtleties of joy you bring
The rapture and the song in your heart
That would fill my heart with everything
From passion to deepest affection
Cherished moments defining your ways
I would hold you for eternity
By the grace of dawn, return of days

In the next of fair roses gentle
Would be the touch of my hand to yours
Your likeness in grace and innocence
You are my love...tu es mon amour
Your gaze would take me light years away
A conveyance of unspoken dreams
Devotions to last a lifetime long
Our endearment would ever beseem

Yet a third pink rose I would bestow
Upon your pillow in tender wake
A longing kiss placed upon your lips
A petal of rose I’ll not forsake
Rest well in the splendour of divine
Moments as this, tu es mon amour
By the gift of rose I wish for you
Our enduring love forever more

Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved

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