Where Eagles Soar

Would you define my inhibitions

Simply by the colour of my skin

My sexual orientation

Or the God from which my prayer is born

Do the words I speak seem glorified

Would the song I choose confer my soul

In the name of love and sanctity

Set me free on the wings of angels


Far beyond the highest mountain soars

An eagle bound for the heights of few

Its talons clasped in exaltation

An earnest bidding, the will to be

Sacred amoung the birds of feather

Free to fly in unrequited peace

Throughout the ages, eternally

Fly in the face of adversity


Rise would I to a Heavenly place

In the presence of angels follow

At the bidding of higher being

Stand before Him as the righteous go

In the name of those before me I

Shall glide on the wings of feather till

I have served upon them blessings for

The freedom to soar as an eagle


Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


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