Ambivalence of Tranquilities

photo by Don MacIver 2011, Tofino, BC









A constant as waves upon weathered shores

Bathed in the saline of redundant seas

Bedrock smoothed by alternating currents

In the tranquil and fury of ebb and flow

Sculpted aggregate lay rugged contrast

The ambivalence of tranquilities

Lo distant the sound of winds in gather

Regale the tempest of darkened waters

Burgeoned whitecaps roll in plangent cascade

To the warrant cry of redundant seas


High above the timbers an Osprey cries

Wings navigating cantankerous sky

As rains rake the heavens and thunder rolls

She would perch in awkward solemnity

Her eyes narrowed and caw disparaging

Ambivalent to the approaching storm

The hours, they would pass through the dark of night

And the day would break, lo the seas would calm

The rippled sands scoured by swift undertow

In the tranquil and fury of ebb and flow


Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Ambivalence of Tranquilities

  1. beautiful, Don …. i can see so many applications for the analogy. plus in my mind, after the seas calm the osprey remains …. standing, looking.

    with the world seeming to desire much turmoil at the moment, well ……….. is a good reminder that the seas will calm. that time is a friend. peace will win the day because it does.


    1. Thank you so much Eileen. The very thing I love about poetry/prose is what the reader interprets in it. My sole purpose in writing is to allow that interpretation free rein. Yes, the seas will calm…! Hugs.


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