Passages; From There To Eternity


photo c/o   Strait of Juan de Fuca, British Columbia


Moments would as echoes pass us by

An eclipse of subtle notions as

Fragmented shards of light in disarray

Upon ebbing tidal waters flow

O’er shores of discontentment cleansing

The foothills of eternal journey

Breathe inward winds of narrowed passage

Lo exhale in release of burden


In the shadow of ominous clouds

That linger upon the dawn of days

A renewed spirituality

Bathes over a disaffected soul

A chorus of hallelujahs sung

In the exaltation of angels

Release of my inner countinence

Thereupon freedom of open seas


From whence we came predestination

Would seem infallible remedy

Unerring as the transparency

Of opposing mirrors’ reflection


Copyright Don MacIver 2011; All Rights Reserved


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