Quixotic Notions

photo c/o Photobucket.com


By the gentle extinguish of candle’s flame
The dawn would shed be-musement…



By the candlelight of a moonlit sky

Lo the amber rise of a morning’s sun

In the solitudes of being would I

By the hush of den’s corner scribe the muse

The confide of a nightmare, chase the moon

In the gentle stride of silhouette dance

Her glass slippers silent, heal upon toe

The font would grace Verdana, prose would flow


Quixotic embrace of pentameter

Notions of the Stratford Upon Avon

The world be thy stage, soft would quill speak

As the curtain draws over. center stage

Romanticism by thy word’s design

Delightful amusement, whimsical minds

To the depths of inkwell, bold impressions

The bard’s verse upon scroll in recital


In silent of night wouldst I encounter

Romance of the verse, lo this obsession

By dawn’s early light truest confessions

To wit commonsensical notions…


Copyright Don MacIver 2011;  All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Quixotic Notions

  1. This is a wonderfully crafted Shakespearean-flavoured depiction of the writing process, a total immersion in imagination and the power of the night to inspire one to be transported and lose oneself in the creation of poetry.


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