Amidst Kings & Pharaohs








photo by Don MacIver 06-2010

Pyramid Mountain, Jasper, Alberta


The towering majesty of Pyramid Mountain, backdrop to the meandering, white capped waters of the Athabasca River, rises in silent dominion, a supreme ascendence over the land, sea and waters that abound amoung its surroundings.

The shear enormity, by its height and general largess, its seeming architectural wonder, and its chiseled grandeur stand in perpetual silence as the ancient pyramids of Egyptian lore. Hypothesized in historic text as the entombment of pharaohs, it is said that the pyramids were fashioned after sacred pointed stones known as ‘the benben’ which symbolized rays of the sun and that the mummified pharaohs reached to the heavens via sunbeams.

I stood before this monument, this monolithic natural wonder without sufficient words to articulate the very magnitude of that which I witnessed before me. My mind’s eye traveled light years away to another time, another place, foreign yet so indelibly familiar. Intently I listened…and waited. The spirits touched me in ways beyond full comprehension, illusive, secretive, demonstrative. Here was the essence of tangible, yet succinctly beyond reach, an intangible presence.

Whispers, indiscernible in their language nor translation summoned my every attention, my acknowledgment, my indolent and resolute focus. This great mass of voluminous rock of aeonian passage commanded a presence greater than anything I could possibly quantify in simple terms.

I knelt down before Pyramid, amidst kings of the dead…and cried.


As the sculpted brilliance of Rodin

The Pyramid  of epic portion

Breaks silence to a forgotten world

Where sleeping pharaohs would lay entombed

The spirit of nations rests within

The villager’s cry a soft lament

Kings gently rest in mummified grace

Their palms outstretched toward the heavens


The tears of Takelot fall as rain

From the Gods  as streams upon my face

Caesar would surely fall before Rome

As tyrants before and after him

Lo the might of Pyramid would stand

In testament through the ages nigh

The winds of eternity caress

The entombment of kings and pharaohs


Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved


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