The Passion’s The Thing; Embrace The Song In Your Heart

Forever Embrace The Song In Your Heart

My thoughts turn to those things in our lives that are most relevant, most important, most critical to our sustainability as a people, as a country, as a global entity and as self.

Moments in time pass in historic remnants, milliseconds to minutes to hours to days, months and years, a lifetime. In the broader scheme of things our own time on the world stage is relatively brief yet so deeply relevant. We spend much of our lives searching for the constant that pronounces our relevance in this world. We search our burdened souls for answers that may never come yet just beneath the surface are realities that await a rebirth, a resurrection, a re-visitation. Every single soul on this planet is significant, relevant.

It is people that sustain this world. We hold the destiny of this very planet in our hands, in our hearts, in our minds, to the depths of our soul. It is our self that holds our own destiny. We are our own conveyance and measure and we must embrace the one thing without which our lives would be void of meaning…passion.

We have a natural empowerment to embrace passion, faith, goals, ambitions, emotions…the internal motivation, the engine that drives us forward through life and it is that passion which will be embraced and emulated by those around us. It is passion that is our heart song, our reason for being. Life brings us many great and sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges yet we persist, we survive, we excel in our being.

The sun will rise, the sun will fall, the moon will traverse a star-studded space. In the light of day and the darkness of night we live, we breathe, we exhale. Live life with eyes open, embrace the wonder of things. In your darkest of hours may the light guide your way. The light is the passion that dwells deep within and is ours to surrender or believe in again.

Reach out to embrace the life force that dwells deep within, ours to possess, forever to share. It is passion that bridles the human extension, the power of an energy of want for living.

Each and every one of you possesses that passion. Unearth its existence, shared conveyance and measure.

But two weeks prior I wrote a short, simple verse that I think helps convey that passion and perhaps, perhaps bears your reading. Its first few words were borne of a passion of a different kind yet by its very message a conveyance in kind to this writing. Embrace the song in your heart through The Bounty Of Your Being at This piece has held first rating in the Romance category since its posting. Perhaps that in itself emulates a passion worth examination.

May we all discover the passion within.


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