Willows Weep

photo by Don MacIver Nov. 2010; Beaver Lake, Victoria, BC











Out of anger sweeps a nor-wester gale

Biting chill raking a snow-dusted shore

Ducks bobbing in disgruntled excursions

Bending awkwardly, furrowed Willows strain

Shards of sleet sting as barbs upon bared skin

The gusting crescendo cutting to bone

My steps would be hastened, heel upon toe

The winds of November would surely sound

….and I would succumb to its utterance



Catatonic lone Heron’s mindful gaze

Examines my passage as curious

Considering bitters of winter’s might

The wood barren of human existence

Branches would rustle in bilious stir

Their omnipotent musings undying

Life forms uprooted from unburdened plain

Truncheon appendages gently wielding

….would I cautiously yield to their bidding



Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved


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